Football Manager 2024 Mobile APK OBB & DATA

Football Manager 2024 Mobile APK OBB & DATA Free

Are you ready to take your managerial career to the next level? Look no further than Football Manager 2024 Mobile, the ultimate soccer management experience on your mobile device. With its latest update, Football Manager 2024 Mobile is back and forth more than ever, offering an array of new features such as improved user experience, fantasy draft mode, player rating systems and improvements to keep fans engaged and immersed in the world of football management.

Football Manager 24 also known as FM 24 is a mobile game that offers you an opportunity to manage an elite football club around the world. FM 24 is developed by Sports Interactive and SEGA. Football Manager 2024 is the perfect way to build your managerial career and take your team to the next level of football all around the world.

Football Manager 2024 Mobile New Features

Are you excited about Football Manager 2024? It’s just around the corner, and let me tell you, the mobile version has some new exciting features. Get ready for stunning 3D graphics, full player customization, and dynamic tactics during gameplay. Today, we’re going to talk about the four of the most exciting features in Football Manager 2024 Mobile that will take up your gaming experience.

Improved User Interface

Football Manager 2024 Mobile has a new look that makes it easier to play. The menus and stuff are all organized better now. They also made the game display easier to understand, like when you’re managing your team, checking match stats, planning tactics, or looking at player profiles. They did all this to make Football Manager 2024 Mobile the best football game on your phone.

They also added new tutorials and tools to help new players. These are meant to teach you the basics fast, so even if you’re new to the game, you can start playing.

Overall, Football Manager 2024 Mobile is much better now. It’ll be easier and more fun to manage your team and play against others.

Better Performance

One of the big upgrades in Football Manager 2024 Mobile is that it runs much better. The graphics are nicer, it loads much faster and feels smoother overall. Playing on the go has never been this good.

They also made the computer teams smarter, so they acted more like real football teams. And when you’re watching the matches in 3D, it feels like you’re right there, seeing everything happen as it is from the stadium.

With these improvements, Football Manager 2024 Mobile is all set to give you the real deal football management experience.

Fantasy Draft Mode

One of the coolest things about Football Manager 2024 Mobile is its Fantasy Draft Mode. It’s a game mode where you get to build your team using players from all over the world in a really fun and unpredictable way. Each team starts with some money to bid on players, but the real excitement comes during the draft itself. You’ll have thousands of players to choose from, and you get to pick the ones that fit your strategy and budget to make your dream team.

In the draft, every team is trying to make the best squad they can. Each player has their skills, so you’ll need to think carefully about who to pick for each position on your team. And some special drafts and auctions give you extra chances to improve your team and beat the competition.

Football Manager 2024 Mobile’s Fantasy Draft Mode lets you customize your team and play against others in a virtual world. If you’re up for a challenge and want to try something new in Football Manager, then this mode is perfect for you.

Player Rating SystemPlayer Rating System

This year’s Football Manager comes with a big update: the new Player Rating system. It gives each player a score of 100, considering their physical, mental, and position-related abilities. This makes it simpler to find the ideal player for your team.

  • Player management: allows you to scout, sign, and develop players to build a winning team capable of competing at the highest level of Football Club competition.
  • Transfer Market: This gives you a chance to sign and sell players from all around the world.
  • Competitions: Compete in a variety of leagues and tournaments from all around the world including Premier League, Laliga, Uefa Champions League, and Moroccan League.

How Is The Football Manager Game Played?

Football Manager is based on your football managerial career which allows you to manage the on-field and off-field of your team. Football Manager gives you the right to make some changes to your team, like Team tactics, formation, scouting players, and much more.

Gameplay overview

Game Details & Requirements

Name: Football Manager 2024
Size: 1. 45 GB
Gameplay:Offline Mode

How To Download Football Manager 2024 Mobile APK for Android

Downloading FM 24 Mobile APK for your Android device is a simple process. Follow the steps below to get started:

The first thing to do is to click on the link given below and download the game files.

How to Install FM 24

Make sure you download the files from the link given above.

Secondly, the most important thing to do right now is to open the Zarchiver Pro app to extract the files.

Make sure you extract the file in your Android OBB folder, once you extract it there, now you need to install the APK file and once you click on extract wait for the process to be successful 100%. Now is the time to enjoy your managerial career.


Get ready to experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat as you lead your team to greatness on FM24 Mobile. The beautiful game awaits – are you ready to take on the challenge?

FM24 Mobile FAQs

Is Football Manager 2024 Mobile free to play?

Yes, Football Manager 2024 Mobile is a free game to download and play on both Android and iOS devices. However, there may be in-game purchases available for additional content or features.

Can I transfer my progress between devices?

Yes, Football Manager 2024 Mobile allows players to transfer their progress between devices using the game’s cloud save feature. Simply sign in with your account on the new device and your progress will be synced automatically.

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